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Potential clients have limited attention span in this day and age of extreme internet exposure. You get seconds to attract, engage and convert these prospects. Your messages are scrutinized to see whether they are fresh or stale.

We Make Your Website Perfect

With sublime attention and information, we ensure that potential customers do not leave your website in a hurry. Your website will have a distinct uniqueness that will attract the required attention. Our services include other areas of copywriting apart from website copy.

Services Offered

SEO Copywriting

Have you ever wanted a one stop shop that will do everything for you? We do that. Everything from development, designing, copywriting to digital marketing. Our words ensure that your website stays on top where rankings are concerned. We do not just employ words to get you noticed. We employ these tools to convert potential attraction into sales.


Business blogging is the only way to help your client understand your expertise. It is also the secret to boosting SEO. With adept writers at Simplified Web Solutions you do not have to find in-house writers. You boost the number of indexed keywords which makes Google know that you are an authority on your subject.

What sets us apart?

You might question why Simplified Web Solutions? There are scores of options in the market. The answer is very simple and lies in the question itself. You hire us because we are set apart from the mainstream. We are different in the way we conduct business and write. Our copywriters do not worry about plagiarism and article spinning.

Our copywriters dedicate their attention to bringing the best of all worlds on your website. We are experienced and adept at making sure that copywriting is done the way you want it to be done. With unlimited revisions and other perks you can depend upon us to get the job done.

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