Custom Development

Custom Development

We make Unique Custom Developed Websites to Help you Break Away from the Oridnary

Customization provides the benefit of serving the unique purpose of your business. We ensure to satisfy your specific needs and solve exclusive problems to make your workflow smarter, smoother and easier. Custom development ensures increased flexibility, tailored support and maintenance and minimized information security risk.

Our custom development options help you pull off the next project with ease and minimized cost. Out technology has the power to prowess you from one chapter to the next with super ease.

How Does It Work?

The three phases of building a custom design include:

  • Identification

We work with your to search for the most optimum ROI without any unplanned costs. We maximize your ROI to ensure that there are no sudden surprises at a later stage. We identify potential bottlenecks and clear set expectations. Our market analysis is focused on setting clear and feasible strategies to accomplish everything you need.

  • Detailed Designing

Our eye for future growth gets the team to set up detailed designing analysis. This step involves journey mapping, identifying strengths and constraints. We show multiple wireframes for you to choose the one that fits your brand the best. After setting usability metrics we deliver a lightning fast UI that is completely pixel perfect.

  • Development

This step involves testing as well. A robust and flexible back-end team makes sure that the codes are readable even after a 6 month gap. Our delivery process is continued with enterprise grade information security. You get an end product that is fully fledged and automated for end to end manual testing.

Simplified Web Solutions is devoted to Your Needs

Our custom web development options are set apart from the ordinary and streamlined. We do not sell packages that are tried and tested. We believe in creating something new every time. Our web applications and software are distinct and not commercial off the shelf packages. We steer clear from open source packets while giving you a website that is functional yet distinct.

Front End Custom Development

These are the functional elements see and interacted with by your website users and visitors. These serve as a powerful cornerstone of web content when carefully built. We custom build these front end functional pieces from scratch to achieve your goals while creating a framework that is beautiful yet simplistic.

Back End Programming

These are the complicated codes that make the front end run. These are never interacted with and stay hidden. The right back end programming becomes the driving force behind your website. Customization allows you to integrate unique formats such as in-house data systems, keeping data in sync, adding dynamic information and maintaining certain flexibility. Our motto is to live up to each challenge posed. You can depend upon us to get every project complete on time and in budget.

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